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Automated Field Testing

While the amount of arable land is decreasing, an ever growing world population needs to be supplied with healthy and affordable food. We provide solutions for automated, objective and reliable outdoor field experiments. As a result - for instance - productivity and quality in seed breeding is improved.


Decreasing availability of effective herbicides, herbicide-resistant weeds, ecological aspects and regulations demand for innovative alternatives to conventional weed control. We develop selective weed treatment solutions.

Deepfield Connect

Processes in agriculture are affected by unpredictable environmental conditions. Hence, the right decisions are to be made by the farmer on time to ensure high yield and quality. With our connectivity solutions we allow remote monitoring and thus comfortable and reliable control of crop production process.


The award winning multi-functional robot BoniRob is capable to autonomously navigate on the field while carrying different application tools. The scope of applications ranges from soil and plant analysis to selective weed control and harvesting.

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Bosch officially opens new research campus in Renningen

A completely new work environment for creative minds: with its Renningen research campus, Bosch wants to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, and in this way further enhance its innovative strength ...


Intelligence for the fields: Bosch robot gets rid of weeds automatically and without herbicides

Back in 1950, a farmer would have been able to grow around 2,500 kilograms of wheat per hectare of cropland. Today, that figure has more than tripled. Advances in plant breeding...

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Deepfield Robotics is an agile team of outstandingly qualified people. As a corporate start-up we use latest research and development results to create easy to use and helpful products for agriculture. We develop our solutions tightly interlinked with pilot customers to ensure short iteration cycles and reliable, practical products.

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